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Mixed fertilizers - "Stimulus"

Mixed granular water-soluble fertilizers
(TUU 24.1-31980517-003-2008)

The chemical compositionThe range of content of major nutrients in%
Total nitrogen, Nfrom 0 to 46
Mass fraction of total phosphates, based on P2O5from 0 to 52
Potassium, in terms of K2Ofrom 0 to 60

A list of the most used standard grades of mixed fertilizers "Stimulus"

4:17:40, 6:26:30, 9:26:26, 9:29:24, 9:39:15, 10:20:30, 12:24:24, 15:30:15, 17:20:21, 19:19:19, 23:18:15, 25:21:10, 32:11:9, 36:16:0.

On individual request can be made with any other Mixed fertilizers nutrient relations.

The components used for the manufacture of mixed fertilizers "Stimulus"

Nitrogen in mixed fertilizers before urea (46% N-NH 2 ) granular, water-soluble.

Phosphorus - ammophos (12% and 52% Nammoniyny P 2 O 5 ) in the form of water-soluble granular monoammonium phosphate, does not cake.

Potassium - a water-soluble granular potassium chloride (60% to 2 O), does not cake.

Agrochemical characteristics

Mixed fertilizers "Stimulus" - a complex mineral fertilizer obtained by the method of high-quality mechanical mixing simple and complex fertilizers in order to select the optimal concentration of nutrients IRAs tailored to the specific food / crops, climatic conditions in the region and the amount already present in the soil of nutrients.

Mixed fertilizers manufacture of components for "Stimulus" are chosen in such a way that the granules were the same size, so that there was no separation in transit, and non-uniformity in the making.

Used for all types of soils.

Contributes to the development of root system, accelerates the timing and uniformity of ripening plants.

By using only quality components, has good flowability and excellent grading.

Supply of fertilizers

Fertilizer supplied in bulk, packed in polypropylene bags with polyethylene liner (weight of the product in a bag of 50 ± 1 kg.) or packed in the "Big Track" (product weight 800 ± 10 kg).