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Complex mineral fertilizer (TUU 24.1-31980517-001-2004)

The chemical compositionNPK 16-16-16NPК 10-26-26
Total nitrogen - N,%16 ±110±1
Mass fraction of total phosphate in terms of P2O5, %16 ±126±1
Mass fraction of potassium in terms of K2O, %16 ±126±1
Sulphate sulfur converted to SO3, (S), % 20 (8)3 (1)
Calcium (Ca),% the presence of 1,10,7
Iron (Fe),% the presence of 0,30,2
Sodium (Na),% the presence of -0,9
Magnesium (Mg),% the presence of -0,5
Boron (B), mg / kg, the presence of 12,425
Copper (Cu), mg / kg, the presence of 9,09,0
Zinc (Zn), mg / kg, the presence of 63,3116,0
Manganese (Mn), mg / kg, the presence of 83,35,4
Molybdenum (Mo), mg / kg, the presence of 2,0-
GradingMass share of granules,%
Less than 1 mm,%, max3
From 1 to 5 mm, not less95
Less than 6 mm2

Agrochemical characteristics

NPK - a universal complex mineral fertilizer containing easily digestible form in all three pillars of food necessary for plant life.

Fertilizer contains trace elements and sulfate sulfur, which is an important nutrient for crops.

As a start, the fertilizer is made under presowing cultivation or the planting of major crops.

Contributes to the development of root system, accelerates the timing and uniformity of ripening plants.

Physiologically neutral fertilizer has a high digestibility, high strength of granules, has aligned grain size distribution is compatible with other fertilizers, it is easy to dissolve in the soil.

Fertilizers are available in granules treated with a surfactant, which provides good flowability and an anti-caking of the product during storage.

Supply of fertilizers

Fertilizer supplied in bulk, packed in polypropylene bags with polyethylene liner (weight of the product in a bag of 50 ± 1 kg.) or packed in the "Big Track" (product weight 800 ± 10 kg).

Shipment and delivery of the product is carried out as soon as possible.