Today: 17. 06. 2021

Подписка на рассылку прайса

Complex fertilizers, mineral, nitrogen - phosphorus

(TUU 24.1-31980517-001-2010)

The chemical compositionNP 12:52NP 10:32
Mass fraction of ammonia nitrogen -, N%12± 110 ±1
Mass fraction of assimilable phosphates in terms of P2O5, %52± 132 ±1
Water-soluble phosphates in relation to the mass fraction of total phosphate,%72
Calcium as CaO,%, not less14
Mass fraction of sulfur converted to SO42- %, at least23
Sulphate sulfur converted to SO3, (S), % 4 (2)
Boron (B), mg / kg, the presence of10,1
Copper (Cu), mg / kg, the presence of 7,0
Zinc (Zn), mg / kg, the presence of 0,44
Manganese (Mn), mg / kg, the presence of 49,5
Water content% not more 1,0
GradingMass share of granules,%
Less than 1 mm,%, max3
From 1 to 5 mm, not less95
Less than 6 mm100
pH 1% solution4,8-5,0
Static strength of granules, however, MPa(кг/cм2)3,0 (30)

Agrochemical characteristics: