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"Agrolayf" - combined fertilizer N:P:K = 5:5:5

granular fertilizer based on chicken manure composting (TUU 24.1-31489809-001-2003)

The chemical composition5:5:55:5:1510:10:105:15:515:5:5
Total nitrogen – N, %5,0 ± 1,05,0 ± 1,010,0 ± 1,05,0 ± 1,015,0 ± 1,0
Mass fraction of total phosphate in terms of P2O5, %5,0 ± 1,05,0 ± 1,010,0 ± 1,015,0 ± 1,05,0 ± 1,0
Mass fraction of potassium in terms of K2O, %5,0 ± 1,015,0 ± 1,010,0 ± 1,05,0 ± 1,05,0 ± 1,0
Sulphate sulfur converted to SO3, (S), % 88888
Calcium (Ca),% the presence of 55555
GradingMass share of granules,%
Less than 1 mm,%, max5
1 to 7 mm,%, not less95

Agrochemical characteristics

Аgrolayf - specially made ​​on the basis of universal fertilizer compost obtained industrially by biofermentation chicken manure with the addition of the necessary minerals and trace elements.

Fertilizer is processed at high temperatures, which guarantees the absence of any pathogenic micro-organisms, insects and weeds.

Fertilizer provides plants with essential nutrients, contains in its composition is practically necessary for plant growth, macro-and microelements, in a properly balanced ratio. The special manufacturing technology allows you to create a large amount of fertilizer humic acids and enzymes that enhance the structure and reduced soil fertility, promote rapid absorption of plant nutrients, prevents the formation of nitrates in the fruit.

Fertilizer increases the resistance of plants to disease, reduces the negative impact protection.

A grolayf - is the quality and indispensable tool for growing vegetables, fruits, berries, melons, ornamental plants and flowers. The use of fertilizers increases the yield by 40-60%.

Supply of fertilizers

Fertilizer comes packed in polypropylene bags (the mass of the product 2,5 ± 1,5% kg) for retail sale, polypropylene bags with polyethylene liner (weight of the product in a bag of 25 ± 1% lbs.) or packed in the "Big Track" (mass product 800 ± 1% - 1000% ± 1 kg).

Shipment and delivery of the product is carried out as soon as possible.